Honey, Good Bye

“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way darling, but I have decided I am going to leave you,” says Patrick. Mary blinks. She opens her mouth, and closes it again. She blinks again. Tears are coming to her eyes. “Patrick. You must be kidding. This is just a joke right?” Mary can’t help sobbing. She runs and gets a box of tissues to soak up her tears. Patrick sighs. He tries to look at her in the eyes, but after one glance, the effort is too much. “I’m sorry Mary, but I just don’t like the life I am leading. Everything is so organized and neat and on a strict schedule. Where is there time for spontaneity?” Mary forcefully pushes her chair back and stands up. “Fine. If you don’t love me anymore, then I think this is the right decision.” She says these words, but her mind is in turmoil. How dare he leave me. I thought he loved me! Oh, I’ll get back at you Patrick. Yes I will. Of course, Patrick had no idea what would happen next.

More than a Meal

The juicy, tender, steak went down my throat,
Now I enjoy some perfectly done fries.
The wonderful taste makes my body float,
Food is how to escape troubles and lies.

Wash it down with Dr.Pepper to drink.
I take my knife and put it on my steak,
I cut down until I sever the link,
The steak is now lifted of the plate.

My food is so good I eat it real fast,
My fork comes down, hits the plate with a ding.
There’s no point in thinking about the past,
I love food and the happiness it brings.

Now I will eat some wonderful cookies,
Leave me alone when I enjoy food please.

French Friessteak

Winter’s Boom

Green grass,
Blue sky.
Leaves fall down,
Wind rushes by.

Cold air,
On my face.
Water flows quickly,
Like its a race.

The squirrel runs,
Climbs the tree.
Collects some acorns,
Lying next to me.

Now winter comes in,
With a boom.
If you’re stuck outside,
It’s your doom.


The Secret of Ducks

The duck leader watched from afar. Good, he thought. The potion has worked. I have 5 minutes to get out and start my research on humans before the ducks snap out of their trance. They can be lemmings for in their minds for a little longer, or maybe they think they are ducks in the Duck Olympics. But I must leave now, before the ducks realize I’ve left, for I, duck leader Noah S the duck, must leave and start my research in humans. And of course, I’ll do this by dressing up in my “human suit”. Goodbye duck kingdom! I’ll be back!


The Magic of Reading

I was peacefully reading my book, relaxing on top of my bed, when suddenly, the book started rattling and shaking. Not my hands, but the book! I quickly dropped the book and squealed. Then, the pages started turning and twisting. Within a minute, there was a paper ship on the page I was reading! I could not believe my eyes! Did I develop some skill in origami? Or am I just hallucinating? The latter seemed more probable. At the moment, I can’t make a paper airplane that can fly more than 5 feet!I close my eyes and silently count to 10, all the while chanting “It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream, it’s just a dream.”I open my eyes and there seems to be nothing wrong with my sci-fi. The key word there being seems. Am I on the wrong page? More like the wrong book! My leisure reading was now a…ballad?

Please, let me go,                                                                                What is the world like,
I want to be free.                                                                                   After all these years?
So much I want to know,                                                                            Can I take a hike,
So much I want to see.                                                                        And relieve my tears?

I’ve been stuck in this book,                                             My society thought that I was bad,
For as long as I know.                                                                 Because I didn’t act “right”.
I’m glad someone is taking a look,                                              Of course, I got really mad,
I got stuck here when humanity stooped so low.    But they trapped me with all their might.

Will you help me boy,
Get me out of this sheet.
I’m done being a toy,
And my enemies are dead meat!

It seems as if someone got trapped in the book! On any other day, I wouldn’t be able to believe me eyes but today wasn’t any other day. Today was a day already full of unfathomable strangeness so why wouldn’t it be true? I tore off the page them poem was written on, and suddenly, a mist clouded the room. It was as if I were outside my house! As if my thoughts could be read, at that exact moment, thunder rattled my room, just like a thunderstorm! I went to the door to see if my family was doing all right, and, as if it just materialized out of thin air, an ominous shadow stood before me. A voice giggled. Laughed. Even cackled! A message echoed around my room.

“You have let me escape from the curse, but there is a condition. 1 must always be trapped in this book. Since I am escaping… YOU WILL BE TRAPPED!” I look around the room, for any way to escape, and seeing a window, I leaped for it. Of course, the shadow was already there, with an open book directly in my path, leading to the deck of a pirate ship.

Boat on Paper

Cabs – Can They Get Better?

I have recently read an article about a London cab system, published by National Geographic. In London, as in most cities, there are cabs. The thing is, in London, some willing cab drivers can take an optional test called “The Knowledge”. It’s an excruciatingly difficult (and long) test that earns you a green and white badge, which tells customers “Hey! I know the fastest route to practically everywhere in town!” These cab drivers were put to the test against cab drivers from Uber. The Uber driver drove the route in 22 minutes, and “The Knowledge” test driver drove to the destination in 18 minutes.

The real question: should America do this? Think about it. Half of the time, roads are clogged to a standstill. This would clear thing up, since drivers would now take routes that are longer, but shorter time wise. Cabs have a flat rate, and then a certain cents per mile. Cab drivers will be able to get more money with this, because since they are faster, more passengers can be taken. There’s a smaller chance you’ll be waiting on the side of the road, looking for a cab.

There are a few downsides. For one, cab drivers who don’t take “The Knowledge” test probably won’t get as many customers. So a lot of drivers who don’t take the test will quit! This means fewer cabs. I take back what I said earlier. You probably still will have to wait for a cab on the sidewalk. This also means that the unemployment rate will go up. In the past few years, America has been trying to lower that number! “The Knowledge” test would also cost some money to fund, so if the government decides to fund it, we will be even more in dept.

If you ask for my opinion, I say go for it. It may be because I’m not hunting for a job that I say this, but these cab drivers get a lot more money. In fact, in London, lawyers are switching jobs to become a cab driver! Only the most seriously dedicated drivers will be able to make it, so a lot less slacking will happen.


The Future of Minecraft

I recently read an article, published by LinkedIn, about the future of Minecraft. Here’s a short backstory. Minecraft is a sandbox game with only blocks (no curves) owned by Mojang. Mojang, and in it, Minecraft, is being sold to Microsoft. The original creator and programmer, Notch, and his successor, Jeb, may not get any part of the coding for Minecraft after this event. As a Minecrafter myself, this greatly worries me.

LinkedIn talked about all the thoughts and concerns people are having. For example, Minecraft costs about $35. It seems expensive at first, but considering how much effort was put into it and how much creativity and freedom it has, it becomes very reasonable. If Microsoft decides that, like some Xbox games, they will raise the price to $50, then a lot of friends and other people might not be able to join.

Microsoft must make it easily accessible. This was not directly in the article, but I believe that Minecraft should stay on the PlayStation and App Store, too. If they remove it from there because, especially PlayStation, they are competition, many people who paid some cash for Minecraft, would stop liking it. They wouldn’t be able to get any new updates or play online with their friends.

Microsoft should let the Minecraft YouTubers stay independent. Minecrafters love them for how they are now and how they do their videos. I personally would hate it if they started to get paid to do things they don’t usually do or don’t specialize on. It just does not feel right to force them to complement every single Minecraft feature.

Finally, Microsoft must continue to let modders mod. Mods are half the game. People can play Pokémon, Halo, and just play with different types of blocks. There’s practically everything in mods! But mods aren’t part of Minecraft. Independent people make mods, and downloadable softwares can be used to play with them. If Microsoft decides to stop independent modders and only let Microsoft employees create mods, then Minecraft would lose a lot of its creativity. Many people would stop playing Minecraft if they can’t play the mods they like.

To sum everything up, buying Minecraft is tricky business. Microsoft can’t excessively raise Minecraft’s price, or remove it from a platform. Microsoft should also let YouTubers and modders stay independent.


The Cookie and The Dog

There is a cookie. A single cookie. Not just any cookie, but a beautiful, scrumptious, cookie. Being a normal dog, it was just out of my reach. But I knew I could do it if I could activate my super dog powers, but alas, I cannot. I will have to find a way to the top of the table the cookie lays upon. A pole suddenly plops itself in front of me… I never knew poles could do such extraordinary things! Let’s see where the pole leads. Wow! It leads to the top of the table. If I were a cat I could climb up to the top. Since I’m not, I better growl and scare off anyone at the top. “GROWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWL”

O.K, I think it worked. But wait. Why is the pole picking me up? It’s not a pole, it’s my owner, and the pole was his leg! Well, thanks for the lift owner, because now I can clearly see the cookie. Just out of reach. Maybe I could jump onto the table. ONE, TWO, THREE! I made it across! YIPPEE! Now all I have to do is find the cookie. To the left? Nuh uh. To the right? Nope. Wait a minute. My owner… His mouth… It has a cookie in it! This…This can’t be happening to me. After all I’ve been through… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh, wait. The cookie wasn’t on the table, because it fell on the ground. Oh yah, my owner is eating crackers. What was it, 73 second rule? Anyway, cheers!The Dog and The Cookie